Bang Pat: A Fishing Village Built on Water in Phang Nga Province

Bang Pat (Bang Toei subdistrict) in Phang Nga, located 1 hour and a half north of Phuket, is a Muslim village built entirely on the water next to a mangrove forest – connected to the mainland by a few hundred meters long bridge. About 80 families are living here which some of them offer homestays where you can sleep in one of the stilt houses, share meals with the owner, experience mangrove planting, fishing and cooking.

Bang Pat, connected to the mainland by a 300 meter long bridge
Bang Pat, connected to the mainland by a bridge.

After walking around the village, connecting with the locals, we were eager to try the floating seafood restaurant. You can’t get any fresher seafood than this!

Bang Pat Seafood Restaurant
Bang Pat Seafood is a floating restaurant with the best and freshest seafood you can imagine!

The Dog Conch Seashells is famous in Krabi's cuisine
The Dog Conch, which is a species of sea snail, is famous in Krabi’s cuisine.

Blood Clam in Thailand
These shells are known as Blood Clam due to the red haemoglobin liquid inside.

Don’t let the name and appearance scare you. Blood clams are actually pretty delicious. But if you don’t like clams or sea snails, don’t worry, the menu has a lot of great food like fish, prawns, and crabs. The only thing missing was a nice cold Singha beer, but this is a Muslim village, and no alcohol is served.

This place is perfect if you want to get away from the hotel and see some of the real life in southern Thailand.

More information about homestays (Thai only) Tel: 086 274 4557
Directions: Take Highway 402 from Phuket onto Highway 4 and continue 31 km. Turn right onto Highway 4311 and continue 8 km. Turn right onto Highway 3008 and follow the road for another 10 km, until you find a bridge that leads to the village.

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