Giant River Prawns in Ayutthaya

A while ago I made a post about Ayutthaya Historical Park. Ayutthaya is not only famous for the ancient ruins – the giant prawns from Chao Phraya river must not be missed! Several restaurants are serving these ridiculously large prawns. As for which one is best, I don’t know, but we ended up at a restaurant called Ruean Kanya, after our tuk-tuk driver told us about this place. Boy oh boy! These prawns were so fresh and delicious. Before we ordered they let us see the live prawns in a water tank.

I have tried giant prawns before, but it was not from freshwater, and the texture was very mealy. But these prawns were different from anything else I’ve tried before. They had a sweet taste and perfect texture. The prawns were sliced in half and cooked on a hot grill, shell down and served with a chili dipping sauce.

The prawns are quite expensive – around 1,000 baht per kg. We ordered just two prawns, cut into four halves, and it was a perfect dish along with a couple of other dishes.

Giant River Prawns
Giant River Prawns. Cooked on a hot grill. Delicious!

Ruean Kanya Restaurant
The entrance to Ruean Kanya Restaurant.

Fried rive with crab and fish cakes crunchy Thai basil
Fried rice with crab and fish cakes with crunchy Thai basil.
Saint Joseph's Church Ayutthaya
Ruean Kanya Restaurant is situated by the Chao Phraya River, across from Saint Joseph’s Church, right on the picture. (The oldest Catholic church in Thailand.)
A typical non-fancy Thai restaurant with delicious food
A typical non-fancy Thai restaurant with delicious food.

Ruean Kanya Restaurant is situated at 3/3 Mu 5 U Thong Road in Ayutthaya.

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