Khong Hae Floating Market in Hat Yai, near the Malaysian Border

Hat Yai, near the Malaysian border, is a highly popular destination for both Malaysians and Singaporeans. Hat Yai is the most populous city in southern Thailand and the fourth largest city in Thailand. However, it’s not a western tourist destination. Although the city is said to be safe, you can’t ignore the fact that there have been some bombings. Three bombs exploded in 2014, injuring eight people.

We took a day trip from Krabi to Songkhla and Hat Yai and arrived at Hat Yai late evening. We just came to see the Khong Hae Floating Market, located 20 minutes away from the Hat Yai city centre. Hat Yai is notable for a higher proportion of Malay-Muslims, and all the delicious food at the floating market is halal. A lot of the food and drinks are served in awesome clay pots, which you can bring back home as a souvenir.

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This is perhaps not a spectacular market, but definitely worth a visit if you are around. Here’s a short video I recorded standing on the bridge across the river.

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