Thai TV Commercials That Make You Shed Tears

Thailand is known for it’s sad and emotional TV commercials. Many of these videos have been seen millions of times around the world on YoutTube. Here are six commercials for you to check out. Have a box of tissues ready!

TrueMove H – “Giving Is The Best Communication”

This one is my favorite. The Thai mobile advert that has everyone weeping.

Vizer Security Camera – “The fact That I See With The Eyes Reaction”
The newest one out there, reminding you that you may want to watch how you treat others.

Line Messenger – “Closer”
Based on a real-life story of a father using Line Messenger to cheer up his mourning daughter after the loss of her mother

dtac – “The Power of Love”
A commercial aimed at urging people to put down their smartphones.

Thai Life Insurance – “Unsung Hero”
Just beautiful!

Thai Life Insurance – “Silence of Love”
Thai Life Insurance is known for their sad commercials which make you want to buy life insurance.

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