A Longtail Boat Ride to the 4 Islands in Krabi

A thrilling longtail boat ride is a must-do when you’re vacationing in Krabi. I have previously taken a trip to the beautiful Hong Island, and most recently we did the popular 4 islands tour stopping at Phra Nang Beach, Poda Island, Chicken Island, and Tup IslandThis is a perfect half-day trip for the whole family letting you come out snorkel among tropical fish, snapping some cool shots of paradise-like beaches, and witness some spectacular karst formations.

#1 Phra Nang Beach

Technically not an island, but Phra Nang Beach, located at the peninsula of Railay with mountains blocking the way, can only be reached by boat giving it an island feel. Phra Nang Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi with white powdery sand and a limestone cliff jutting out of the turquoise water.

#2 Poda Island

Poda Island is the second stop and here you will be able to snorkel among tropical fish. This little island is such a postcard-perfect spot with the softest sand you have ever walked on. I recommend bringing a blanket, some picnic, and find a shady spot under the trees.

A perfect spot for a picnic at Poda Island.

#3 Chicken Island

Krabi has many interesting karst formations and one of them is Chicken Island, named for its chicken-head rock shape. Be ready with your camera!

#4 Sandbank between Tup Island, Mor Island, and Chicken Island

Koh Tup

The last stop is Talay Waek which during low tide exposes a unique sandbar that connects Chicken Island with two small islands (Tup Island and Mor Island) visitors can walk between.

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