Heaven-7: A Park for Children With Panoramic Sea View in Krabi

The first time we visited Heaven-7, I was not too impressed, but the park has had a facelift with many new attractions including a water play area in late 2016. We, therefore, went back in February 2017 with my wife’s cousin’s little daughter who has never been there before. And she was not disappointed!

The park is located on a hillside with a panoramic sea view, about 800 meters from the Ao Nam Mao Pier (where boats depart to Railay) in Ao Nang. There’s also a Heaven-7 Resort connected to the park if you wish to stay here overnight.

The entrance fee to the park is 50 baht for Thais and 100 baht for tourists (half the price for children). Some people would call this discrimination, and it may be, but this price policy is quite common in Thailand. There is also a small fee for each attraction inside the park.

The first thing you’ll see when entering the park is a giant sun chair.

Huge strawberries at 7-Heaven in Krabi

My wife’s cousin’s daughter, Ida.

Heaven-7 water play area

The water play area with thatched umbrellas for watching parents.

The rubber swan was a big hit.

Heaven-7 Water Play Area

The water play area from another angle.

UFO Ride in Krabi

The UFO ride, surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs. Even if you’re not a kid, you will most likely enjoy strolling around here.

Kids having fun going down the ball pool slides.

Stunning view over Heaven-7

The park as viewed from a restaurant on top of the hill. There are also food stalls down the road.

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Wife and father by the waterfall.

A cozy evening with the Ferris wheel in the background.

Cowboy City in Krabi

A quick look at Cowboy City before going back home.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11-21, Sat-Sun 9-21
Krabi 11 Alley, Sai Thai, Mueang Krabi District, Ao Nang, Thailand

2 thoughts on “Heaven-7: A Park for Children With Panoramic Sea View in Krabi

  1. Erik February 13, 2018 / 6:02 am

    warning do not go here. our children hit themselves seriously in the water. we were there for 10min and we really warn others from going here.

    • Anders February 13, 2018 / 2:41 pm

      Hi Erik. That didn’t sound good. What happened exactly?

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