Time to Fix a Visa to Thailand


“A visa to enter into Thailand is considered by Thai authorities as a privilege extended to that particular applicant, not a right nor a commodity.”

This is the first lines under Visa Information & Application at the Thai Embassy’s Website in Norway. The visa may be refused or canceled by officers in charge. When applying for visas from the Thai Embassy, it is advisable to be courteous and cooperative, failure to do so may result in delay or refusal to process your application.

Right now I’m in a freaking cold Norway, doing some research about tourist visa in Thailand. It’s the first time I need to apply for a visa since I have never stayed longer than 30 days before. This time, we plan to stay eight weeks, so I need a 60-day tourist visa. The application fee is 250 NOK ($28), and I need to meet up at the Thai Embassy in Oslo with some required documents; passport, a copy of passport, two passport photos, a copy of return plane ticket and a complete and signed application form.

I can’t wait to go back to Thailand! We’ll go in March and return in May when the summer is just around the corner in Scandinavia.

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