Similan Islands – the Clearest Turquoise Water in Thailand

The Similan Islands (Mu Koh Similan) is a group of 9 islands in the Andaman Sea, located 65 km off the coastline of Phang Nga province. The islands belong to the Similan National Park, boasting some stunning natural beauty and world-class diving and snorkeling. The area is closed six months per year (15th May – 15th October) to let nature and wildlife recover. A fascinating thing about the Similan Islands is the fact that the landscape with its granite rock formations was formed more than 250 million years ago in the Paleozoic period – a time before the dinosaurs.

Similan Island - Amazing view!

Donald Duck Bay (Ao Kueak)

The viewpoint on island number eight offers an absolutely gorgeous view!


The day trip with Love Andaman includes breakfast buffet

We booked a day trip with Love Andaman which included pick up from our hotel in Khao Lak, breakfast buffet, speedboat transportation (one hour), lunch buffet, fruits, drinks and snacks. For all this, I paid 2,590 baht, and my wife 2,090 baht (free entry into the national park for Thais, and 500 baht for tourists). We were more than happy with this company/trip. The English speaking guide was a funny, charming and helpful girl.


Some information before entering the boat

Thai authorities care about this national park, and we were told not to harass marine life, touch the coral, feed the fish or throw any waste in the water. One island is closed to the public as the green sea turtle need protection.


Incredibly old rock formations

There is a rock (hard to see in this picture) that is shaped like Donald Duck, giving the name to this bay.

The most turquoise water in Thailand!

Crystal clear turquoise waters

The Similan Islands is famous for its crystal clear waters and white coral sandy beaches.

Sexy Thai girl at the beach, Similan Island.

Posing by the beach

A man taking pictures of his beautiful girlfriend.


One more from the famous viewpoint. I just love it here!

The trip includes stops at two islands and two snorkeling spots. Check out my GoPro video below. (Not sure what I think of the royalty-free Caribbean music I chose, hehe.)

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