Khao Ngon Nak – Stunning View Over Krabi

I always love a good view, and when my wife showed me a picture of a cliff ledge with a drop straight down with a stunning landscape in the background of limestone hills, I just had to go. I’m talking about Khao Ngon Nak (เขาหงอนนาค), meaning “dragon crest mountain” in Thai. The viewpoint at the top is 565 meters above sea level, offering one hell of a good view.


The trail is just 3.7 km long but goes through very steep jungle terrain. The climb takes around 2 – 2½ hours, depending on how many breaks you take. Use good shoes, and don’t forget to bring a lot of water because you will sweat!


A map at the starting point shows that the trail has a stream, two viewpoints and a waterfall before the peak.



While walking, we saw an extremely slender, green snake, several small lizards and we could hear amazing sounds from gibbons.



After about one and a half hours climb, the edge of the jungle opened up and gave us a view out of the ordinary. From here you can see the group of Hong Islands. You can even see Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai further away.

We’re getting there.


Just a quick break.



My brother-in-law near the edge of the peak. He’s not smiling because he’s relaxed.


This shot is the reason I wanted to come here; the cliff ledge and the stunning landscape. My wife’s cousin, Aiod, was brave enough to let me take this picture.

Location: Khao Ngon Nak is part of the Tubkaek National Park. The entrance is located close the Tubkaek Beach in Nong Thale, 30 minutes north of Ao Nang.

2 thoughts on “Khao Ngon Nak – Stunning View Over Krabi

  1. Hanif Aziz November 11, 2016 / 2:20 pm

    Hi, nice entry. I would like to ask for a guide to the cliff ledge and the stunning landscape if im referring to the map that u mention above. In which viewpoint of KM can i found that scene of the cliff ledge and the stunning landscape. Thankyou!

  2. Anders November 11, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    Hi, Hanif. When you reach the peak (after viewpoint 2) and see the Ngon Nak sign, you will first see a big rock, (the first picture in this post) then turn right and go down a small path, there you’ll find the cliff ledge. It’s not easy to see at first, but you’ll find it when you get there. Good luck!

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