Monkey Hill (Khao Toh Sae) in Phuket Town

If you have been in Phuket Town, you have probably seen the high hill with TV and Radio masts at the top. Perhaps you didn’t know that this hill is home to hundreds of macaques monkeys. There is a road leading up to the top, where a viewing platform was built in 2015.

Some people like to walk up there for a good sweat, while others prefer driving a motorbike or car. Before we headed up to Monkey Hill, I read about an “Uncle Hog” who is there daily to do a “show” for you with his little monkey friends. But we couldn’t see any uncle here — just some Russian tourists and many monkeys.


Khao Toh Sae Viewpoint.


Right after we parked the car at the viewpoint, a bunch of monkeys approached us by jumping up on my wife’s car. My wife never went out of the car, hehe.

This little baby could not tear his eyes away from my wife.

Love is in the air! Wifey took this great picture from inside the car.

Lovely views of Phuket Town and the hills.

Although signs are asking you not to feed the monkeys, everyone does. Just be careful, and you should be okay. But it happens that people get bitten by macaques, which requires medical attention to receive a post-exposure rabies vaccination.

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Monkey Hill in the background as viewed from Queen Sirikit Park in Phuket Town.

Location map

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