Ao Nang Beach: Not the Most Ideal, but Very Scenic

Ao Nang Beach is not the typical white sandy beach with crystal clear water, and during high tide, the sand practically disappears. But the scenery with its limestone cliffs, palm trees and longtail boats moored along the shore is pretty stunning. Ao Nang Beach acts more like a jumping-off point for island hopping between the beautiful islands in Krabi archipelago.

Now with that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t tanning and swimming — because you can, but it’s not the ideal beach.

The beach is lit at night, and people like to walk along it or just sit and drink a beer while listening to the waves and feel the warm sea breeze. Others prefer to enjoy a banana pancake from a vendor across the street.

You’ll find lots of sidewalk vendors, and within easy walking distance, you have the main road that is dominated by restaurants and bars. I like it here, and we always stay a couple of nights or a week in Ao Nang.

The southern part of Ao Nang Beach. Pretty gorgeous!


The northern part at high tide. Not much space for tanning.

A longtail boat moored at Ao Nang Beach.

Ao Nang is the most popular destination in Krabi Province, and last year a multi-million-baht sculpture of a sailfish was erected at Ao Nang Beach to show how important this town is to Krabi.

My wife and I with two bronze dudes. Howdy!

Ao Nang Beach can look pretty good on a sunny day.

Ao Nang Beach

Greenery and mountains next to the beach.

The southern part has a walking street where hotels and bars are lined up.

Ao Nang Street

The main road of Ao Nang is clean and has good looking palm trees on the sidewalk.

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Ao Nang pool view

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort with a fantastic view over Ao Nang.

Swedish girls on the beach.

Just a 10-minute trail over the cliff from Ao Nang Beach’s south end you’ll find the more beautiful Pai Plong Beach.

Don’t miss the most beautiful beaches just around the corner: Railay Beach and Phra Nang Beach

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