Video: Kayaking in Ao Thalane’s Beautiful Mangroves

Ao Thalane, about 20 km from Krabi Town, is a bay with incredibly beautiful mangrove forest (perhaps the most beautiful in all of Thailand) with limestone karsts, canyons, and hidden lagoons. The tide makes a difference and the best time for kayaking is at a mid tide time, as it’s possible to go deeper into the forest. The mangrove forest is home to macaque monkeys who munch on crabs during low tide. We also saw a mudskipper, which is a fish that is capable of walking on land and climbing trees.

Usually, when kayaking 2-seater, you want the heaviest and strongest person in the back; the person up front should act as a steering wheel while the person in the back just paddles on one side as much as possible. But since I wanted to make a video with a clear view of the scenery, I wanted to sit in front with my wife in the back. We took the short trip of an hour, but If you choose the longer trip of 3 hours, you will see even more beautiful scenery and canyons.

If you need to dodge tree branches that are hanging close to the water, lie on your back, do not lean to the side, because you might tip over like we did.

I put the telescopic pole to my GoPro camera inside my life jacket, and when I’m paddling you can hear a rustling sound. Sorry about that. Please watch the video in HD.

Check out Google Map for the kayaking location.

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