Ruen Mai – the Best Thai Restaurant in Krabi

Ruen Mai is without a doubt the best restaurant in Krabi if you want to eat authentic southern Thai food. When we had lunch here, most of the guests were Thai – probably tourists from Bangkok on holiday in Krabi interested in trying real southern Thai cuisine.

Ruen Mai used to be located in Krabi Town, but after a short closure, it has re-opened in a nice new location in Klong Chilat, just out of town. The restaurant is set outdoors in a garden with wooden raised boardwalks, and most of the vegetables and herbs are grown on site.

You can sit under the open sky or a fabulous bamboo hut which is lit at night. I wish I’d taken my camera so I could have taken better “food pictures,” but I just had my GoPro with me. We didn’t order any extraordinary meals, as my wife craved for “normal” southern Thai food. But it was bloody yummy!


Waiter! We’re ready to order.

Imagine this boardwalk lit at night.


Fabulous bamboo hut.

We ordered three dishes and two plates of rice, of course. The tableware was accompanied by vintage cutlery and clay glass.

Here’s what we order

Moo Pad Kapi Sataw
Minced pork with shrimp paste and sataw beans (bitter beans), also known as stinky beans. The beans grow on trees only in southern Thailand and are extremely healthy. It sure is a pretty smelly dish, but it has a very flavorful taste.

Pak Miang Tom Kati
Coconut soup with prawns and pak miang; a leafy vegetable that can only be found in southern Thailand. This is a very fresh soup.

Moo Kem
Fried pork with chili sauce. It might not be a southern Thai dish, but the people here love to eat it.

We didn’t order any curry, but one of the all-time favorite southern Thai dishes is Gaeng Som, which is a yellowish sour and spicy curry. I repeat: spicy!

Ruen Mai Restaurant Opening Hours and Location

Open: Daily 10.30 – 15.00, 17.00 – 22.00
Phone: +66 (0)89 288 3232
Price range: 150-300 THB
Address: 117 Moo 3, Sai Thai, Krabi.

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