Baan Rim Pa – a Fine Dining Experience in Phuket

When I asked the girl who would later become my wife out to dinner the first time, I asked if she knew a good restaurant. Sure, she knew. She knew very well! Oh boy, DID SHE KNOW?! When it was time to pay I was a bit shocked it was so expensive. I thought it was cheap eating out in Thailand. It turned out she had taken me to one of the finest and most expensive restaurants in Phuket. She has never eaten there before, but she wanted to try. She is not dumb, my wife. But it was probably the best dining experience I ever had in Thailand. The bill landed at around 2,500-3,000 THB (600 Norwegian kroner or 75 USD).

“Baan Rim Pa is, no doubt about it, a fine-dining institution of the higher order, but hey, this is Thailand so this is not nose-in-the-air territory.”

Located just north of Patong at Kalim Beach on a small cliff with panoramic views over the Bay of Kalim and Patong Beach, Baan Rim Pa can check off the stunning location mark. The award-winning restaurant can also check off the atmosphere, staff, chef and incredibly delicious food. I didn’t have a camera back then, and it was dark so the pictures I took with my cell phone will not be receiving any awards at flickr, so I’m posting some pictures from Baan Rim Pa’s gallery.





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