Take Awesome Travel Photos with a GoPro Camera

GoPro is the most popular action camera on the market. The earlier versions were used mainly for shooting HD videos, but the newer camera models let you shoot high-resolution photos that fully utilize the camera’s wide angle lens — ideal for landscape and cityscape shots. The wide lens is also great for shooting in tight spaces (like a tent or a car), first-person shots and selfies. Be creative! Here are some pictures I have been taking in Thailand with my GoPro HERO4 Black.


GoPro allows you to capture an immersive wide angle perspective with the neat fisheye look. Here I’m standing in the Donald Duck Bay at Similan Island.


In this shot, I captured the entire Donald Duck Bay. I’m using a telescopic pole for selfies.


My wife, sweaty and dirty, but happy about the view over Phang Nga Bay. I’m even more happy with the wide-angle view.


GoPro is great for shooting in tight spaces.


Morning coffee selfie low angle perspective.


In this shot, I wanted to capture ourselves sitting on the large rock looking out over Krabi’s beautiful landscape including the sea. GoPro’s fisheye makes it easier than a regular camera.


Phang Nga Bay over the shoulder perspective.


James Bond Island.


Crystal clear water selfie. The GoPro cameras come in a waterproof protective case.


Amphawa Floating Market in the morning before opening. Magical!


I was not ready for this picture, but the background of Bangkok city looks pretty cool!


Why not take a selfie at the barber shop? The GoPro is so small you can bring it with you everywhere. Don’t forget to turn off the sound If you want to take pictures on the sly.

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