Maeklong Railway Market: The Craziest Market in Thailand

Maeklong Railway Market is a unique market and tourist attraction. Located in Samut Songkhram, 80 km outside of Bangkok, it looks just like any other market in Thailand; stalls filled with tropical fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, herbs, and flowers. But what makes this market unique is that it’s built over the railroad tracks, with trains running through it four times per day (eight in total if you count the way back).

As soon as the trains coming, alarm sounds and the market vendors quickly pull back their umbrella awnings – why the market is known as “Talat Rom Hoop” in Thai, which translates to “Market Umbrella Pulldown.” Welcome to the craziest market in Thailand!

Maeklong Railway Market

The train passes the market, after which a lady pulls out the umbrella awnings again.

It’s hard to believe a train was passing through this market a minute ago. The vendors are back in work so fast.

Bananas, limegrass, longbeans, and other vegetables.

The Pla Tuh (short mackerel) is famous in this region.

Wifey, standing on the railroad tracks.

Train coming and tourists ready with the cameras.

How to go to Maeklong Railway Market from Bangkok

You can take a minivan from Bangkok, but I recommend the more scenic (and safer) 2½ hours train ride from Bangkok’s Wongwian Yai Railway Station, which you can read about here.

Maeklong Railway Market Train Schedule (every day)

06.20 | 09.00 | 11.30 | 15.30

08:30 | 11.10 | 14.30 | 17.40

Accodomation near Maeklong Railway Market.

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