Koh Kradan in Trang Archipelago

The Guardian called Trang Archipelago “the world’s best hidden beaches.” I don’t know if it’s hidden per se, but it has escaped the masses of tourists that Phuket and it’s neighboring province Krabi get.

The province of Trang boasts 46 islands and stunning scenery including limestone formations, waterfalls, and caves. One of the most popular islands is Koh Mook with the Emerald Cave (Morakot Cave) where visitors need to swim 80 meters through a pitch dark cave to reach a “secret beach.”

My wife and I discussed back and forth which island we should visit and eventually decided to go for Koh Kradan. You can easily hop between several islands in one day, but we wanted to chill out in one place — and we just loved Koh Kradan!

Approaching Koh Kradan’s main beach called Paradise Beach.

Koh Kradan, part of the Hat Chao Mai National Park, is a small tropical island with sandy beaches and incredible turquoise waters.

Koh Mook is close to Koh Kradan, and you can see the island from the main beach.

Here is no village and no roads, but a few bungalow resorts with restaurants and bars are situated along the beachfront.

There is a second beach on the other side of the island, a 10-minute walk through the forest called Sunset Beach. We absolutely loved this little beach that was practically empty. The beach is hidden in a bay surrounded by big boulders and rugged forest.

Over-Under GoPro Photo Koh Kradan

Wifey enjoying the clear calm water.


After spending some time at Sunset Beach, we walked back to the main beach for lunch and a cold beer at Kradan Beach Resort.

Unfortunately, we were misinformed and missed the southeastern corner of the island that might be one of the best spots in Thailand for off-the-beach snorkeling with beautiful coral formations and tropical fishes. I recommend you to check out this page.


We took the car in the morning from Krabi and drove to Kuan Tungku Pier in Trang in less than two hours. From here, you can jump on a longtail boat straight to Koh Kradan, which takes about 45 minutes. It costs 350 baht per person one way, but then you must wait until the boat is full. We decided to go alone for 1,200 baht one way (600 baht per person since we were two).

If you want to go from Phuket, there is a ferry that departs from Phuket’s Rassada Pier. The journey from Phuket to Koh Kradan takes 4 hours and costs 1,950 baht per adult.

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