Amphawa Floating Market, Our Guesthouse Stay and Fireflies

We grabbed a tuk-tuk from Maeklong Railway Market and told the driver to go to At Casa Guesthouse situated by the canal in Amphawa a 15-minte drive away. Here we stayed one night as our plan was to visit the popular weekend market in Amphawa and later the same night take a boat trip to see fireflies along Mae Khlong River. Here’s our 24-hour stay in Amphawa.

After putting our bags in the room at Casa Guesthouse, we decided to check out the deck by the canal.

A quick pose by my wife before having a seat on the floor.

Hungry on arrival, we order something to eat.

Pla thu (short mackerel) and Thai omelette with pork.

Hey, I like this place! Here we relaxed a bit before heading off to the market a nice 5-minute walk away from the guesthouse.

A woman paddling past our guesthouse.

On the way to the market, we passed this beautiful canal. People are living in houses built on stilts.

Afternoon at Amphawa Floating Market before it got too crowded. I loved just walking around the walkways along the canal looking at the old wooden houses and shops. This is such a charming little village!

Sawasdee Amphawa – Hello Amphawa.

A narrow wooden alley.

The food boats by the central bridge is a very popular spot at the market. It is a bit chaotic with a woman shouting to the boats when people are ordering, but a must try when visiting the market.

Lots of seafood cooked on a hot grill in the boats; crab, squid, and prawns.

We ordered some huge prawns. I must be honest and say the prawns were mealy and dry – even though my wife loves them.

Happy wife.

My wife at the very same place five years ago, before she met me. She sure loves those prawns.

Pork Satay with peanut sauce and pickled cucumber salad. I enjoyed that.

Sunset and now it started to get very crowded. It’s popular at nightfall to jump on a boat to watch fireflies along Mae Khlong River.

The Amphawa Floating Market sign by the central bridge where the market continues in the nearby streets.

The pla thu is famous in this region.

So famous you can even buy pla thu souvenirs.

Just after sunset, we decided to take the one-hour boat trip to watch fireflies. You can jump on a boat from the market and it costs about 50 baht. It was a cool sight to see the fireflies swarming in the trees flipping the lights on and off. Watch the video below.

We woke up 6:00 the next morning to give food to a monk (almsgiving) from the deck at our guesthouse. We bought food bags including lotus flowers from the guesthouse for 20 baht each. First I put the food bag in the monk bowl, then I did a “Wai” (Thai greeting with the palms placed together) before putting the lotus flower in the bowl. When you give alms to a monk, you need to remove your shoes.

How to go to Amphawa from Bangkok

Amphawa is 90 km west of Bangkok where we took a train to Maeklong Railway Station. From here, walk up to the main junction and grab a tuk-tuk to Amphawa (a 15-minute ride away). Another way is to take a minibus from Bangkok to Maeklong Railway Market which is quicker. However, the train is more fun and safer.

Map showing directions from our guesthouse to the floating market

If Damnoen Saduak is the most famous floating market in Thailand, Amphawa is definitely number two. I would say Amphawa is more popular among Thais and I enjoyed Amphawa more. However, Damnoen Saduak offers better photo opportunities why you should visit both.

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  1. Peter February 27, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    Well done. Your descriptions and directions for these sites are simple and easy to follow. Going to the railway markets tomorrow and you info was very helpful.

    • Anders February 27, 2018 / 1:22 pm

      Thank you Peter! Have a nice trip.

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