Isaan Food at Tumlai By Copacabana on Koh Samui

Food from Isaan (northeast Thailand) is my favorite food in Thailand. I wish I could say that southern Thailand has the best food since my wife is from the south, but I just can’t. BBQ pork neck with tamarind sauce (kor moo yang nahm jim jaew) and larb moo are two dishes I order whenever I get the chance. Other famous dishes from Isaan is papaya salad (som tum) and Isaan fermented sausage (sai grok Isaan).

When we were in Koh Samui a couple of days earlier this year, we were driving around hungry looking for a place to eat. Eventually, we stopped at a place called Tumlai By Copacabana. Boy, are we happy we ended up here! We loved the food so much we decided to come back the next day. I also brought my camera.

Cozy restaurant under thatched roof of bamboo and straw. There is also a small stage for live performances.

I ordered a mojito while waiting for the food. I can’t get enough of this drink.

Thai girls enjoying a beer tower. Isaan food is also a favorite among non-Isaan Thais.

We sat down at a table right next to a small pond with lotus flowers both days.

Here’s what we order the second night: BBQ pork neck with tamarind sauce, larb moo, a soup with pork ribs, and moo dad deaw. Delicious! My wife also ordered a spicy papaya salad later. The food includes a small basket with fresh vegetables like long beans, cucumber, morning glory, and raw cabbage.

Where to find the restaurant?
I believe the restaurant is quite newly opened since I can’t find it on google maps. But it’s located in Bophut very close to Big C Supercenter on road 4169 (on the right side when driving south).

Accommodation in Bophut, Koh Samui

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