Mountain View Bar – a Nice Hideaway Overlooking Patong

Even though my wife lived seven years in Phuket, she was never up to the hills of Patong. She didn’t even know there was a panoramic view of Patong until I showed a picture on the internet and suggested that we should drive up and take a look. There are a few restaurants and bars up here, but it is a very quiet area despite its closeness to Patong Beach.

View over Patong from Mountain View Bar

We stopped by for a beer at Mountain View Bar and took a few shots of the view. Can you imagine this place at sunset?

Mountain View Bar

A simple bar, but a nice hideaway in the mountains.

Patong Bay and the Patong Tower Condominium in the center of the town.

View over the entire bay of Patong with the Patong Tower Condominium in the center of the town.

When driving along Hasip Pee Road, look for the Mountain View Bar sign telling you to turn left up the hill. If you drive a scooter, please be careful as it is steep to drive up.

Directions from Patong to Mountain View Bar

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