Three Years Ago Today I Married My Wife

Three years ago today my amazing wife Thiprudee and I went to the Amphur office in my wife’s home town with two witnesses – her parents – to sign the marriage certificate. Almost two years later we had the wedding party with nearly a thousand guests at my in-law’s house surrounded by a forest of palm trees in Lam Thap, Krabi. It felt like the entire village was invited and people parked cars and scooters everywhere between the palm trees. It was like what we in Sweden call a “folkparksfest.”

Pre-wedding photo by Just Married Studio in Krabi. We didn’t hire a photographer for the wedding party, but my wife’s cousin took some pictures which you can check out below.

The guests didn’t show up at once; it was more like an all day open house. Many people just came to give us a gift and eat some food before they left the party. When a wedding party is held outdoors in a village like Lam Thap, it’s normal for the guests to wear regular clothes. If the wedding is held in a nice hotel or restaurant, or if the wedding is involving well-to-do families, a suit may be required.

Family and friends put together this wedding photo booth.

We greeted hundreds of guests welcome (you don’t ‘wai’ to children) throughout the day and received gifts in the form of cash. The guests used the envelopes with the invitation card to put the cash in. These envelopes were placed in a big heart shaped box. Yes, we’re talking hundreds of thousands of baht.

My wife’s cousin to the left and her little brother’s girlfriend to the right.

Pre-wedding photos.

I wish I had pictures of the food, but the photographer focused on taking pictures of the arriving guests. Three huge whole pigs and 80 kg beef was cooked into spicy curries and soups served with rice and salads which were washed down with tons of beer and whiskey.

Friends from Bangkok.

We were given large necklace shaped flower garlands as a symbol of good luck; a tradition at Thai wedding parties. We choose to skip the wedding ceremony which includes more traditions, simply because I do not know anything about it.

My wife’s family.

And her cousin, who took the pictures (except this one, obviously).

Let the party begin!

It felt amazing to take off the jacket after a long day of greeting guests in the brutal heat. It didn’t take much beer before I was feeling right at home and start dancing with the guests.

Happy anniversary Thiprudee!

2 thoughts on “Three Years Ago Today I Married My Wife

  1. Bav July 31, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Thanks for sharing some pics of your special day.

    • Anders July 31, 2017 / 2:09 pm

      I’m glad you like it, Bav 🙂

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