Phuket vs. Krabi: Where to Go?

Phuket or Krabi? Personally, I don’t like to compare these two places since they are so different from each other. Phuket is an island famous for its long white sandy beaches and nightlife while Krabi, located on the mainland, is known for its natural beauty including limestone mountains, idyllic beaches, and mangrove forests.

Why choose when you can visit both?
 There is a bridge connecting Phuket with the mainland, and you can drive to Krabi via Phang Nga in two hours. But if you need to choose one place, you might want to know some differences between these two tropical paradises.


First, the most obvious difference; Phuket is an enormous tourist destination and has been around longer than Krabi. Here are over 200 spas to choose from, world-class hotels and award-winning restaurants. And you can’t compare the nightlife – Phuket is a different world. This means Phuket attracts more people, which in turn makes prices a bit higher.

Water sport activities

If you’re into water sports like jet ski and parasailing, you’ll need to go to Phuket. Several national parks incorporate the beaches and offshore islands in Krabi why motorized water sports aren’t allowed.

Patong Beach in Phuket with umbrellas lined along the beach. Here you can do all kinds of water sports.

Railay Beach in Krabi without umbrellas and sun loungers. There is also no water sports activities here. People come here to do some rock climbing or just enjoy the chill, mysterious atmosphere in beautiful scenery.

Natural surroundings

Phuket has many hills and stunning viewpoints; renting a scooter and drive around the islands is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t miss to stop at Big Buddha on the top of Nakkerd Hills for a spectacular view. Many come to Krabi for some island hopping; jumping on a longtail boat for a thrilling ride to an uninhabited island is really magical.

Laem Singh Beach in Phuket. Take a break here and then continue to another beautiful viewpoint.

Koh Lao Lading is a small uninhabited island in Krabi. Have a picnic here and then off to another magical island.

With this brief comparison, I want to show that there is no winner. It depends entirely on what you are looking for. What is beautiful for one person can be awful for another. I say, visit both! I recommend you to check out Where to stay in Phuket and The Best Places to Stay in Krabi.

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