The Best Airlines for Domestic Flights in Thailand

Travel in Thailand often includes several destinations from the islands in the south to the jungle-covered mountains in the north via the metropolitan of Bangkok. Fortunately, you don’t always need to catch a train or bus — flights can be just as cheap, and Thailand has a wide range of options.

While Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways operate from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, all low-cost carriers (LCC’s) operate from Bangkok’s Don Mueang — something you should keep in mind when planning self-connecting flights. Below are the best, both budget-friendly and full-service airlines for domestic flights in Thailand.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways, named the World’s Best Economy Class Airline in 2017 by Skytrax, is the flag carrier of Thailand with 22,000 employees. Being a full-service airline, Thai Airways offers passengers in-flight entertainment, free checked baggage up to 30 kg, food, and drinks. You can also enjoy the seats with more leg room than LCC’s.

Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thai Smile

Since 2012, Thai Smile is Thai Airways lower-cost airline; not quite full-service, not quite a LCC — something in between with 20 kg checked baggage allowance, and meal, snacks, and beverages served onboard. It’s also possible to reserve your preferred seat online up to 120 days before departure.

Thai Airways Logo

Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok Airways

Promoting themselves as “Asia’s Boutique Airline,” Bangkok Airways aims to offer the best personalized service to passengers, and last year they won the World’s Best Regional Airline award from Skytrax. Bangkok Airways allows up to 20 kg checked baggage and has its own lounges in many of Thailand’s airports with free food and drinks.

Bangkok Airways Logo

Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport


AirAsia has been ranked the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for nine years in a row by Skytrax. Being a low-cost airline means you need to pay extra if you want to check baggage, reserve a seat, or have a meal. The airline also has some of the smallest seat space, but if you’re looking for the lowest fares, AirAsia usually is the cheapest.

AirAsia LogoAirport: Don Mueang International Airport

Nok Air

Nok Air, with the highest number of domestic routes, is a low-cost airline offering snacks and waters with free Wi-Fi on some routes. The seats are wider than other low-cost airlines, and one bicycle per person will be accepted if packed appropriately.

Nok Air LogoAirport: Don Mueang International Airport

Thai Lion Air

Thai Lion Air is a relatively new low-cost airline founded in association with the Indonesian airline company Lion Air. The carrier, which together with AirAsia has the lowest fares, is offering free checked baggage up to 15 kg with extra options at an additional cost.

Thai lion Air LogoAirport: Don Mueang International Airport

I recommend using Google Flights when comparing prices. The search engine is incredibly fast and shows only major airlines like the ones I’m listing above. Yes, it’s possible to find slightly lower fares from not so good airlines at other comparing sites.

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