How to Get Married in Thailand: A 3-Step Guide

I married my Thai wife in Thailand, but two foreigners can also legally register for marriage — something that has increased in popularity over the years. The idea of holding the ceremony on a pristine beach dusted with flower petals accompanied by the sound of the sea appeals to many brides and grooms. Follow the steps below if you’re ready to say ‘I do’ in the Land of Smiles.

Pre-wedding photoshoot of my wife and I in Krabi.

Step 1: Prepare required documents

For Thai nationals:

  • Thai identification card.
  • House registration book (blue book).
  • If divorced or widowed, proof must be shown.

For foreigners:

  • Copy of passport along with the arrival card.
  • Obtain an affidavit in English from your home country stating that you’re free to marry. If divorced or widowed, proof must be shown.

Step 2: Obtain an affirmation at the embassy

For foreigners:

  • Meet up at your embassy in Bangkok with the documents including passport and arrival card to obtain an affirmation of freedom to marry in Thailand. The price varies but generally sits around 2,000 baht.
  • Translate the affirmation from English to Thai at a reputable translation office. Count around 500 baht.
  • Legalize the affirmation and affidavits at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok for a nominal fee. It usually takes two days to get the Consular Official’s signature authenticated.

Step 3: Register the marriage at the local district office (Amphur)

Submit the documents to register the marriage at any Amphur. You will need two witnesses, but if you don’t have any, the Amphur can sometimes provide you these. You are now under Thai law married.

The Amphur in my wife’s hometown July 31, 2014.

For Thai nationals:

The bride is required to file a new identification card within 60 days after the Amphur has changed the name and title.

For foreigners:

Report the marriage to your home country when back home.

Our marriage certificates.

Where to hold a beach wedding in Thailand

Thailand boasts lots of beaches and venues perfect for weddings. Phuket and Koh Samui are the most popular destinations, but I would also like to suggest Krabi and the pristine Tubkaek Beach situated in front of some of the most romantic resorts in Thailand like Amari Vogue Krabi which arranges full wedding packages starting from 70,000 baht ($2,200).

If you decide to go for Krabi and need a wedding photographer, I can highly recommend Just Married Studio who took our pre-wedding pictures.

If you have any questions, just comment below.

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