A Drink at Soi Cowboy in Bangkok

After a fun night in town, my wife and I ended up at Soi Cowboy which were located close our hotel in Sukhumvit. I don’t have much experience of red-light districts, but I have learned that Soi Cowboy has a more easy-going, laid-back atmosphere than other famous red-light districts in Bangkok. The 150-meter long strip with pink-red-purple ultraviolet lighting and loud music is packed with go-go bars and girls in revealing clothes standing outside trying to attract customers. It’s a fun place for adults, and it should be on your list of places to see in Bangkok.

Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

The beginning of the strip at Soi Cowboy, just opposite the popular shopping center Terminal 21 and Asok Skytrain station. Soi Cowboy was named after a cowboy-hat-wearing American who opened the first bar here in the 70’s (soi means side-street).

Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Lots of ultraviolet lighting, just as it should be. Soi Cowboy attracts the most “ordinary” people who want to have a drink or two in a festival-like atmosphere.

Cowboy 2 go-go bar is located halfway down the strip and has more girls standing outside than other bars.

Not sure what I’m starring at. But the mojito tasted good.

Girls standing outside the bars to attract customers.

Young bar girls, Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Young girls.

My wife seemed interested.

Girls on “lunch” break. The bars at Soi Cowboy close around 02:30.

Location Map

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