Ruan Thip: Genuin Southern Thai Food in Krabi

When holidaying Thais from Bangkok and other parts of Thailand want to experience genuine southern Thai food in Krabi, there are some obvious choices, and Ruan Thip is one of them. The menu is filled with delicious food like spicy and sour curries, seafood, stink beans, coconut soups and the signature dish kha moo tod which is a deep-fried pork leg.

Situated by a river in a remote area called Klong Son just outside Ao Nang, you will not see many tourists here making the experience even more genuine. The atmosphere is cozy, and at night you can enjoy live music performed by a sweet old couple.

We ordered one of the all-time favorite southern Thai dishes gaeng som pla, which is a yellow sour and spicy fish curry/soup. We also order a few side dishes like smoke-dried shrimps in chili paste accompanied with fresh vegetables. Another (not pictured) dish we ordered was gaeng khua hoy kom bai chaplu which is river snails in a rich curry with wild betel leaves.

Be aware that southern curries are very spicy! Ask for less spicy if you’re not used to eating super hot food.

And of course, we ordered the famous deep-fried pork leg served with two sauces; sweet dark soy and Nam Jim seafood sauce. It’s quite a piece of a knuckle, so you better be hungry. My wife and I came in company with two friends from Ao Nang, and it was a lovely night with lots of food, beer, and whiskey.

In this post, we visited the newer Ruan Thip located close Ao Nang. There is another one, bigger, located in Krabi Town. However, I enjoyed this one more because of the ambience.

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