The Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok – Thailand’s Largest Indoor Wholesale

The Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok is Thailand’s largest indoor wholesale with over 2,000 shops. If you like the typical Bangkok market but prefer air-condition, this is the place. On our last visit to the capital, I followed my wife to this enormous mall spread over seven floors separated into three zones, and after a couple of hours, I had to drag her out of the damn building. Below are some pictures I took.

The entry into zone 2.

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Bag woman playing with her phone while waiting for customers.

Bangkok t-shirts.

Hawaii shirts.

Wifey with something in sight.

Men’s street style fashion.

Hats for women.

We all love a nice pink pussy store.

One of the many garments my wife bought.

“Good shoes take you good places”

Looking down the escalators from floor six.

The food center on the 6th floor with over 50 stalls.

Most of the shops are for women, and therefore most of the customers are women. But you’ll see some men too — helping to carry their girlfriends or wife’s bags.

Floor directory

Ginza (Basement floor): Jeans & Fashion Clothes
Soho (1st floor): Information Counter & Women Fashion Clothes
Oxford (2nd floor): Women Fashion Clothes
Nathan (3rd floor): Women Fashion Clothes & Bags
Camden (4th floor): Men Fashion Clothes & Leathers
Orchard (5th floor): Children, Shoes & Accessories
Food Center (6th floor): Food & Beverage, Mobile Accessories & Souvenirs
7th floor: Car Park

The Platinum Fashion Mall is located on Phetchaburi Road in Pratunam, a major shopping area popular among both Bangkokians and tourists.

3 thoughts on “The Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok – Thailand’s Largest Indoor Wholesale

  1. Serb November 21, 2018 / 9:27 am

    My wife bought so much stuff here!! Gotta say the price is right though.

    • Anders November 21, 2018 / 9:32 am

      Yea, the women love this place! 🙂

      • Serb November 26, 2018 / 7:17 am

        Indeed they do

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