A Visit to the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai

Something that is always mentioned as a must-do when reading about Chiang Mai is the Sunday Walking Street market (or just Sunday night market), and I can definitely see why. Stalls are lined up 1 km along Ratchadamnoen Road in the center of the old walled city with music and dance shows. Starting from 16:00 till midnight, Ratchadamnoen Road is always closed to traffic while the market is open.

The market is full of clothes, souvenirs, and handicrafts made by locals but the most exciting part for me is the street food. Here’s a woman ordering some food on a skewer — a classic way to serving food in Thailand.

Grilled chicken, pork, and sausages. Bloody delicious!

A man selling grilled round sausages, which are a bit sour. I love them!

Whole grilled fish stuffed with lemongrass, lime leaves, and garlic. The heat and moisture are trapped under a crust of coarse salt forcing seasoning to permeate the meat.

Lots of stalls along Ratchadamnoen Road.

My wife buying a lunch box from a woman to bring back to Norway.

A classic Thai 3-set lunch box which awakes many memories from when she went to school.

One of the many temples in the old city.

Ordering some spicy papaya salad which is always prepared in a mortar.

Papaya salad with peanuts served on a banana leaf.

Beautiful bowls made out of coconuts.

Traditional Chiang Mai clothes.

Silkworms, anybody?

Chiang Mai is way cheaper than Phuket down south, and you can find food for as little as 10 baht (30 U.S. cents).

A piece of cake.

Lamps and lanterns for sale.

After a long day of walk, you might want to end the night with a nice foot massage.

Chiang Mai Walking Street market on Google Maps (zoom out to see the walled old city)

Accommodation: I recommend staying at Le Naview a short walk from the market.

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