Nong Thale Lake, The Most Beautiful Lake in Krabi

Nong Thale Lake in the village of Nong Thale is quite off the beaten path 15 minutes north of the busy Ao Nang. The peacefulness during the sunrise is hard to beat anywhere in Krabi. While it’s not a tourist spot, it’s popular among Thai photographers — I’ve met photographers both early in the morning and late at night trying to capture the Milky Way.

Nong Thale is the biggest reservoir in the area, which is why they called it ‘thale’ meaning sea. There are kayaks for rent, and I recommend coming here in the early morning when there is a light mist over the lake and a golden light from the rising sun. The stunning limestone mountains add up to a photo opportunity you don’t want to miss.

If you come here at the right time during the right conditions, you will see the Milky Way over the mountains. I was here too early but still managed to take a nice picture of the night sky.

Directions to Nong Thale Lake from Ao Nang Beach

Zoom in the map to see the exact spot where I took my pictures. You’ll need to walk through some trees from the dirt road. GPS coordinates: 8°05’35.6″N 98°49’13.5″E

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