This Has to Be Phuket’s Two Most Secret Beaches

Phuket is famous as a crowded beach destination, but the island not only boasts less crowded beaches but also beaches so secluded they don’t even have official names. In this post, I will show you two small beaches that, I believe, have to be the most secret or at least the most unknown in Phuket. Both beaches are located within 500 hundred meters on Phuket’s southern coast (see map further down) in an area that has managed to retain most of its original character. While the first beach is close to empty, the second has a little activity.

Unnamed Beach #1

The first beach is really tiny but gorgeous with big boulders and clear turquoise water. When we arrived, there were a few other people who shortly after left the beach for ourselves!

My Czech buddy who lives in Phuket with my wife’s cousin didn’t know about the beach until we asked them to join us on our exploration. It was a nice little adventure driving to the dead end of the road Soi Chado using Google Maps and then walk a few hundred meters through trees and finally down a hill to reach the beach.

We found a sweet spot in the shade under the trees where my wife sat and watched the rest of us swimming (it was ‘that time of the month’).

Clear turquoise water and a cloudless blue sky. Totally amazing!

Unnamed Beach #2

The second beach is located 500 meters east with a fantastic private beachfront villa for rent. My wife and I talked about renting the house a couple of days and bringing the whole family but eventually decided to save that money.

The second beach had about 20ish people on it, but it still is one of the most unknown beaches in Phuket way off the beaten path. The water is just as clear and turquoise as the first beach.

Unlike the first beach that isn’t visible on Google Maps (you need to switch to satellite view and zoom in to see it), the second beach is marked with a beach icon titled ‘secret beach’ which is why some people find it. The private villa having guests is another reason it isn’t empty.

Map over the beaches and where to park the car – Rawai area

2 thoughts on “This Has to Be Phuket’s Two Most Secret Beaches

  1. mp April 17, 2019 / 2:03 pm

    Wow, You’re so smart. You find a couple of quiet, unknown beaches, then tell the whole world about them.

    • Anders April 17, 2019 / 2:15 pm

      Yup, that is pretty smart actually.

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