The Gorgeous Banana Beach in Phuket – Hidden but Not Secret

Phuket’s Banana Beach is a small, hidden beach nestled between coconut trees and turquoise water in the northern part of the island. It’s definitely one of the most gorgeous beaches in Phuket, and thanks to its quiet location, few people know about it — or don’t bother coming here. Below are some pictures I took in March, which is still considered the high season, though the end of it.

Banana Beach got its name when a farang pronounced ‘cone’ in Thai (gruay) as ‘banana’ (gluay) for the cone-shaped rock that stands offshore at the tip of the bay.

A longtail boat moored by the beach with the cone-shaped rock in the background.

Big boulders are scattered around the beach, and the coconut trees give the beach that tropical look which we all love.

Despite only being 180 meters long, there’s plenty of space for lounging.

View over the entire beach from up the rocks at the northern part.

There is one restaurant on the beach selling food, snacks, and drinks.

My wife looks kind of angry when she is not aware of me taking pictures of her. Perhaps it was the not-so-good watermelon shake? The cold Singha beer, however, tasted like it always does (good!)

I was not super comfortable sitting under a coconut tree. I mean, there’s a chance that I could get killed by a falling coconut. But according to my wife, they know when to harvest the fruit before they fall.

How to go to Banana Beach

Nowadays, when people use Google Maps route description, it’s not hard to find the location. However, it’s not easy to see the hidden beach from the road, and you need to find the trail leading through the forest down to the beach. But you will most likely see a bunch of cars and scooters parked along the roadside.

Banana Beach is located between Bang Tao Beach and Nai Thon Beach a 45-minute drive north from Patong.

Zoom out, and you’ll see that this area is the greenest part of the island. In fact, this area, including Sirinat National Park, is one of Phuket’s last remaining virgin jungles. I highly recommend the scenic drive through the jungle-shrouded hills leading to Nai Thon Beach. And why settle for a drive through? Choose to stay here would be an excellent choice away from the crowds. Below are some great hotels around Nai Thon Beach.

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