Massage Corner in Ao Nang – The Best Massage in Town

Massage Corner in Ao Nang is a hidden gem located at the end of a side street on Klong Haeng Road out of sight of the hustle and bustle of Ao Nang. Holding onto a reputation of being the best massage center in Ao Nang, we knew we had to try them out. We went here just after opening at 10 in the morning and were met by warm smiles.

The place is clean and pleasant with floors both above and below the main entrance with a beautiful outdoor sala surrounded by tropical trees and plants. After a friendly greeting, we were asked to sit down to have a look at the menu. While drinking the cold water that was being served, we found out that the prices were reasonable. A two-hour body massage & body scrub cost 900 baht while a one-hour oil massage would cost you 300 baht.

Before proceeding the massage, our feet were washed by a nice lady, and since we wanted a longer treatment, we were shown down one floor having air condition and curtains separating the massage tables for some privacy.

While I chose a one-hour massage, my wife wanted to be treated for two hours. The ladies really know what they’re doing and take pride in their work. After my one-hour oil massage, my masseuse gave me a quick Thai massage just to demonstrate the art of it; she wanted me to write a few words about it after I mentioned my blog. Thai massage is a kind of torture (if you’re a wuss like me), so if you prefer a more sensual massage, go for the oil massage. However, traditional Thai massage is known for its therapeutic effects similar to yoga. After our massage, we were served a delicious herbal tea.

The manager was eager to show me that they make their own coconut oil in the backyard used for the coconut oil massage and body scrub. Good stuff for your skin!


If you don’t use the pick-up service they offer and drive yourself, look out for the Massage Corner sign 300 meters up the Klong Haeng Road and turn left onto the side street and then turn left again. There, at the bottom of the corner, you’ll find the best massage center in Ao Nang.

We choose to come here the first thing in the morning, but a massage after a long day of adventure should be even better, which is why they have opened until 23:00.

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