The Spectacular Aonang Fiore Resort in Krabi That Lets You Be One With Nature

Aonang Fiore Resort is a relatively new hotel, completely surrounded by nature 10 minutes away from Ao Nang Beach in Krabi. The resort has 79 bungalows and rooms nestled on a hillside overlooking the lush greenery and breathtaking limestone mountains, making you feel one with nature. There is also a flower-filled park and organic garden in harmony with the environment perfect for a stroll. The hotel offers golf carts to take you up and down your room, which you will need depending on how high up you’re staying. The higher up, the better the view.

We stayed three nights in a Deluxe Double Bed bungalow with a small private terrace equipped with table and chairs. The room is awesome built with bamboo, shaped like a dome with a central hexagonal-shaped roof window. Our original plan, however, was to stay in a Jacuzzi Villa but eventually decided to save those extra baht’s.

The stunning view from our terrace — I just wish there weren’t so many banana leaves blocking some of the views.

The breakfast is served in a nice restaurant with lots of dark wood and banana trees growing outside the windows. Since this is a Muslim owned resort, do not expect bacon and pork sausages. Otherwise, it’s a fairly typical Thai hotel breakfast you look forward to when waking up in the morning.

A typical Thai hotel breakfast containing fried rice and omelet. The orange juice is sweet and actually orange in color since they don’t use Valencia oranges and I appreciated the coffee machine which made delicious caffé latte.

The pool area is gorgeous, with a bar serving incredible drinks. I tried both a Mojito and Mai Tai and enjoyed my vacation so much I totally forgot how strong the sun is in Thailand (I burned my skin pretty bad). I was laying there alone because my wife went to Krabi Town to renew her driving license. If she had been there with me, she would have reminded me to use sunscreen, and she would have told me to stop sunbathing before ending up looking like a freshly cooked crayfish.

There is a viewpoint at the very top overlooking the resort and parts of Ao Nang which you should not miss. I didn’t know about this spot, but with my sunburn, I went wrong on my way back to our room. I clearly can’t stay without my wife, even though I’m glad I went wrong this time.

With tired legs, I eventually found the right way to our room. A 3-day stay felt enough; a longer holiday would have been a bit tiring considering all the walk from our room down to the pool and the parking. Sure, you can always call for a golf cart to pick you up, but you don’t want to do that every time you’re leaving the room. It’s also quite a distance to the beach, but they do offer transfers, and I prefer not staying in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Overall a lovely resort I highly recommend for a shorter stay.

Our bungalow, room 2015. Book here.

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