Bon Island Just Offshore Rawai Beach in Phuket is Such a Little Paradise

Bon Island, or Koh Bon as in Thai, is a small beautiful island with a tiny beach and a restaurant situated at the northern part. Despite the close distance to Rawai Beach on Phuket’s southern coast, few people visit the island making it a perfect getaway — especially if you’re staying in Rawai as we did.

There is a mooring spot for the longtail boats at the island’s northern tip closest to Rawai Beach. It was a lovely feeling jumping off the boat in the clear turquoise-colored water, walking onto the almost empty beach, thinking about whether you should order a beer now or in a few minutes.

There are low folding beach chairs line up at the restaurant that you can move around where you want to sit. We put ours in the shade behind some palm trees, and with a Singha in my hand, I was really enjoying this slice of paradise!

While walking around the tiny beach, I saw quite a few crabs on the cliffs that quickly ran away as I approached them. We also saw tropical fish in the clear water; the black and yellow striped fish called sergeant major are fearless, and if you feed them with watermelon they will flock around you.

Posing wife with Rawai in the background.

We did not try out the food but appreciated the bar. However, it was quite expensive paying 100 baht for a 0,33l Singha. But when you’re in paradise, it’s not a big deal.

How to go to Bon Island

Bon Island is easily reached from Rawai Beach in 15 minutes costing around 1,000 baht two way. Just walk up to a random longtail boat and tell the skipper that you want to go to Bon Island, and he’ll take you there in no time.

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Since my plan to fly a drone over Bon Island failed (my bird crashed in a lake a week earlier) I’m sharing this awesome shot by Stephan Audiger. Such a little paradise!

I’ve got permission from Stephan Audiger to use his drone shot as display image on social media feeds.

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