Phuket’s Nui Beach – A Paradise for Pose Loving People

Nui Beach, also known as Water Beach Club, is one of those secluded paradise beaches with barely any people on it. With its remote and hard-to-reach location, few people know about it. However, there is a new attraction that may make this beach more popular; I’m talking about a playground for pose loving people with a couple of swings, nests, etc. — probably inspired by those in Bali.

While the beach is free to visit, the ‘playground’ called Phuket Swing costs 600 baht for tourists and 300 baht for Thai people. My wife was more than willing to pay those 300 bahts, but I choose to save my 600. But it sure looked like fun when the staff pushed my wife’s swing to desired speed.

Happy wife with so many opportunities to be photographed. Here, with a stunning backdrop of the blue turquoise Andaman Sea.

The 120 meters long boulder-dotted beach is really beautiful and tropical-looking with palm trees. And the best thing: it’s practically empty!

Just gorgeous and so Phuket-like!

Another take-a-photo-of-me spot. There were more ‘stations’ to pose at, but some Chinese families took forever to be done, so my slightly annoyed wife wanted to leave. There is also a restaurant and a bar by the beach, and some other activities in addition to the playground.

How to go to Nui Beach and Phuket Swing

The dirt road leading to the beach through the jungle is rocky and bumpy, so I recommend the pickup truck service, which costs 100 baht two way. These pickup trucks can be found parked near the main road just south of Karon Viewpoint.

Directions from Karon Viewpoint to Nui Beach

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