With This Post, My Blog Will Be Put on Ice for Quite a While

After blogging every week for some years now, my writing streak has come to an end. The reason is simply lack of material, and next year we will probably not go to Thailand for several reasons — one being that we want my wife’s family to come to visit us in Norway. And that should be pretty interesting considering they have never been outside Thailand.

I want to finish by saying thank you to those who have been reading my blog. And whenever we’re going back to Thailand, I will for sure start posting again. Below is my last material from our previous trip, and my last post in quite a while.

Hollow Mountain (Khao Ok Thalu) in Phatthalung

If you ever visit the lesser-known southern province of Phatthalung, you should stop by the mountain called Khao Ok Thalu which has become the symbol of Phatthalung. It’s a pretty cool mountain because high up is a hole through the limestone, and you can walk up there via some nicely built cement stairs. The giant hole is fenced off which is not so good for photography, but it protects people from falling through. It’s quite a sweat walking up the 148-meters high mountain, but comparing to the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, it’s a pretty ‘easy’ climb — and you don’t have to crowd with other tourists.

The beautiful Khao Ok Thalu with the hole visible from some distance. The climb up offers some nice views over Phatthalung and its limestone mountains.

The fenced-off hole. You don’t want to fell down there.

On the platform next to the hole sits a golden buddha statue with a monk on each side which was carried up by the monks living in the temple adjacent to the mountain.


The Muslim-run Phu Pi Maan Resort in Ao Nang

There is a stunning mosque a kilometer east of Ao Nang Beach in Krabi, situated by the main road with several Muslim-friendly hotels around. One is Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa that was awarded as a top choice by Agoda travelers in 2017. The hotel is new and clean, with some rooms having direct access to the pool boasting a fantastic mountain view. Since the hotel is situated right next to the mosque, the chances are high that you will wake up early during the prayer call.

We stayed in a Deluxe Double or Twin Room with a balcony overlooking the mosque. However, I would recommend trying to get a room with pool access a little further away from the mosque with a lower prayer decibel level.

Since this is a Muslim-run hotel, they don’t serve alcohol. But you don’t need to worry about drinking in your room. Some amenities include a coffee machine, free water bottles, Wi-Fi…

… and prepared beach towels.

A lovely section of the resort is where you’ll find the restaurant and breakfast buffet. If you don’t get a room up here with direct access to the pool, you can splash around in another beautiful pool on the ground level.

The minarets of the mosque visible behind the trees.

Don’t expect bacon at the otherwise nice breakfast buffet.


Sit & Sip Café in Krabi

I end this post with a couple of pictures from Sit & Sip Café in Krabi Town where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with a gorgeous view.


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4 thoughts on “With This Post, My Blog Will Be Put on Ice for Quite a While

  1. Brayden July 27, 2019 / 1:33 pm

    I enjoyed reading and look forward to more in the future. My wife and I haven’t been back to Thailand in 14 months while sorting out immigration paperwork in USA. We will finally return in October she will go for 2 months and I will go for 1 month.

    • Anders July 27, 2019 / 1:36 pm

      Thanks, Serb! Good luck with everything 👊🏻

  2. Bernardo Per Fredrik Pebaque July 27, 2019 / 10:23 pm

    A 1000 thx for great pictures and interesting posts! If you ever feel like doing posts and taking pictures of Oslo, Småland and Landskrona I would appreciate that because you always bring high quality m8! What ever you do I wish you and your wife the best, just keep being you. Randigt å Rödblått 4 life

    • Anders July 27, 2019 / 10:29 pm

      Thanks, my friend! I would love to blog about Alvesta 😃

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