My Thailand Route

I have visited over 50 places in 13 different provinces from Chiang Mai in the north to Hat Yai in the south. I can only thank my wife for driving around, showing me all these interesting and beautiful places. Click on the map to see all the places I’ve visited.

2 thoughts on “My Thailand Route

  1. michael walker January 5, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    lucky you going to all these places..i have been bangkok 6 times,pattaya,phuket,samui…I go to bangkok every year dec/jan to escape cold weather in spain.Yes it can bo cold from early dec to end of feb but ironically the last week has been fantastic weather here in torrevieja…22c in the day ….cannot afford to go to thailand this winter but going next december..i do not like the coast resorts above mentioned because all the russians are going ther and i find them very ignorant and rude people…Do you know any places near bangkok to visit away from the crowds,,,i like temples and beeing with local thai people and their markets…i have been to ayyuthai ,very interesting

    • Anders January 5, 2018 / 2:48 pm

      Hi Michael!

      That’s funny. Many Swedes go to Torrevieja to escape the cold weather here. My dad had a small house in Torrevieja many years ago.

      Phetchaburi province south of Bangkok has many temples and some beaches. Thai people like to go here on holiday. Not many foreign tourists.

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