Back to Bangkok’s Chinatown for Some More Street Food

Last year we visited Chinatown in Bangkok for the first time and had an amazing food experience which I also wrote about on my blog. This year we decided to come back, and although it was not quite as good as last year, it was a lovely evening spending many hours just walking around taking in the atmosphere, ordering something to eat whenever we felt for it. Below is what we ate.

Rolled rice noodle soup with crispy pork belly

Bangkok Chinatown – Street Food Dishes You Need to Try

Yaowarat, or Chinatown as most tourists would call it is a must-visit in Bangkok. At night, this vibrant area gets packed with both locals and tourists who want to munch on one of the best street foods in the world (except Mondays as there are no stalls due to sidewalk cleaning). Located at Yaowarat Road in Samphanthawong District, this area has been a center of Chinese settlement since 1782 and is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world.

We visited Chinatown after ten at night, and some of the neon signs were already turned off. You should, therefore, come here earlier because the long strip of neon signs is really cool and provides some great photo opportunities. However, our main purpose of visiting Chinatown was not to take pictures of neon signs but to eat food. Below are some dishes you need to try.