Planning a Kanchanaburi Trip? Then You Need to Stay at Royal River Kwai Resort & Spa

Royal River Kwai Resort & Spa, located on the River Kwai 10 minutes west of the famous bridge, is a lovely oasis in Kanchanaburi. We stayed one night for free as we had enough Agoda points to cover the room rate of around $50 when we made a trip to this area a few months ago. I have no hesitation in giving my best recommendations for this place; the clean and cozy rooms, the super friendly staff, the gorgeous pool in the beautiful tropical garden and the spa. And the room rates are unbeatable!

The Famous Erawan Waterfall in Kanchanaburi

Located on the east side of Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi, the Erawan Waterfall is the most famous multi-level waterfall in Thailand and a place my wife and I have long wanted to visit. With this in mind, my expectations were high as we hit the falls last month. But although it was not bad, my expectations were not quite fulfilled.

We went here on a weekend which turned out to be a mistake as it was overcrowded with locals picnicking and swimming. And sometimes places simply look better in pictures than in real life; Erawan Waterfall is a place that has been beautifully captured by skillful photographers from all over the world. But it sure is a natural wonder, and if this were just a random place somewhere without the crowd, I would be more inclined to rejoice.

Also, I do believe that coming here early on a weekday after the rainy season around November and December would make a huge difference. Below is our visit in pictures.

Staying at the Amazing Z9 Resort in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Inspired by the biblical Mount Sinai in Egypt, Z9 (Zinine) Resort in Kanchanaburi similarly want to present the peaceful shelter with the philosophy: Recharge your life energy, renew your spirit. And that is what this place is all about — getting away from it all for a weekend and just enjoy the calm surroundings.

Z9 Resort is a floating resort located in a remote area at Srinakarin Lake’s southern end 20 km north of Erawan National Park, and we decided to stay here with the aim of visiting the beautiful Erawan Waterfall the next morning. We went here with our friends from Bangkok, not only because it’s a tradition to meet once a year, but also to celebrate that two of them are getting married in May.

Completed its unique design building in 2017, awarded for its hospitality in 2018, and known for being eco-friendly, Z9 Resort is really something else!

Below are some of the pictures I took during our stay in early March.

Visiting the Famous Bridge on the River Kwai and the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi

Located near the town of Kanchanaburi in Thailand, the lush and tropical setting around the rail bridge on Khwae Yai River makes for a beautiful location in contrast to the horrible history which took place here during WWII. An estimated 100,000 people died during terrible circumstances when the Japanese forced Asian slave laborers and prisoners of war — most of them British, Dutch, and Australian — to build the Thai-Burma Railway, a part of which is the bridge.

The bridge made world-famous by the 1957 movie The Bridge on the River Kwai, and although the movie was filmed at another bridge in Sri Lanka, the real one on Khwae Yai River has become a major tourist attraction and a symbol for the notorious railway.

The history of the ‘Death Railway,’ as the Thai-Burma Railway is called is also depicted in the highly successful film The Railway Man from 2013 starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman.