Koh Kho Khao – One of Those Undiscovered Islands in Thailand

Koh Kho Khao is a relatively undiscovered paradise in Thailand, and during low season (April – November) you can have all the beautiful beaches to yourself. The island is very quiet with no big roads and shopping streets, and you can expect total relaxation in beautiful scenery. Here’re nine pictures that might have you reaching for your passport.


The bar at Sun Beach is closed during low season. Take a seat, all alone!

It’s not hard to find spots like this on Koh Kho Khao.

C&N Kho Khao Beach Resort is open all year round. When we stopped here for lunch, I counted about 50 sun chairs and zero people on the beach.

So this is what paradise is like.


You can walk for hours on the 18 km long west coast beach without meeting a living soul.


You can rent a scooter and drive to the very north of the island and check out the abandoned resort. The surrounding area is incredibly beautiful!

Koh Kho Khao is located in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand’s Phang Nga Province.

We stayed two nights at The Sunset Beach Resort in April. We had the pool and the private beach to ourselves.

Beautiful sunsets every night.

How to get here

Fly to Phuket via Bangkok. Bus or other airport transfers from Phuket to Koh Kho Khao takes about 2 hours, including a short ferry ride. If you drive a car yourself, head north from Khao Lak towards Takuapa and turn left after the #82 kilometer stone, follow the main road to the ferry area. The ferry takes about 5-10 minutes from the town of Baan Nam Khem, just south of Takuapa.

Abandoned Resort on Koh Kho Khao

When we visited the small island of Koh Kho Khao earlier this year, we took the car one day, and drove around to explore the island. It was almost deserted, as it was low season. At the very north of the island we found an abandoned resort that seems to have fallen due to the tsunami. I have tried to find information about this place, with no results. Has there been a resort at one time or was this a project that got cancelled? The surroundings are really beautiful. It felt a little bit sad to see this place. If anyone knows the history of this resort, please leave a comment.

Abandoned Resort on Koh Kho Khao
Abandoned Resort on Koh Kho Khao.

The Sunset Beach Resort, Koh Kho Khao

The Sunset Beach Resort opened in December 2014. We stayed here in April 2015. April is low season, and low season on this little island means almost zero people. Pretty unreal to have a private beach and a pool for yourself. (Well, we did see a few other tourists at some point.)

The Sunset Beach Resort
The Sunset Beach Resort as viewed from our balcony.

We stayed 2 nights in a Grand Deluxe Balcony Room with breakfast included, and for that, we paid $123 via Agoda. Not bad considering this sure feels like a luxurious resort. This place is perfect for

GoPro Video Thailand 2015

I bought a GoPro camera just before we went to Thailand this time, and it was a lot of fun to put together this video. The model I used is a GoPro Hero3 White Edition Slim and the locations in the video are Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Krabi, Lam Thap, Ao Nang, Railay Bay, Poda Island, Koh Kho Khao and Phuket. Please watch the video in 720p60 HD.