Ruen Mai – the Best Thai Restaurant in Krabi

Ruen Mai is without a doubt the best restaurant in Krabi if you want to eat authentic southern Thai food. When we had lunch here, most of the guests were Thai – probably tourists from Bangkok on holiday in Krabi interested in trying real southern Thai cuisine.

Ruen Mai used to be located in Krabi Town, but after a short closure, it has re-opened in a nice new location in Klong Chilat, just out of town. The restaurant is set outdoors in a garden with wooden raised boardwalks, and most of the vegetables and herbs are grown on site.

You can sit under the open sky or a fabulous bamboo hut which is lit at night. I wish I’d taken my camera so I could have taken better “food pictures,” but I just had my GoPro with me. We didn’t order any extraordinary meals, as my wife craved for “normal” southern Thai food. But it was bloody yummy!