Got an Email From My Dog in Thailand Today

Stray dogs in Thailand are always heartbreaking to see. A while ago I saw a video clip about the Soi Dog Foundation, who does a fantastic job of helping both dogs and cats on Phuket. Right after I saw the clip, I decided to sponsor a dog. The Soi Dog Foundation has sterilized over 84,000 cats and dogs since it was founded on Phuket in 2003. Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization. Today I got an email from my dog Clover:

“Dear Anders,

Hello there, it is Clover here. It struck me that I have never really introduced myself properly to you, my sponsor. I have just turned 10 years old and it will soon be a year since I was rescued in a pitiful state from the streets of Phuket. At that time I could not even walk. As you may know, Clover Dog Thailanddespite the name I was given on arrival at Soi Dog, I am actually a boy. You may be glad to know that I am pain-free and moving around a lot now, both in the run and on the daily walks with the volunteers. I may always have an odd looking gait, but that does not bother me. I know to appreciate the comforts and security here at the shelter as this is such a stark contrast to the struggles I had to face during my life on the streets, especially after my accident. I really wanted to send you an update and thank you for being my sponsor and helping with my ongoing rehabilitation and care.”