Trang Town: A Charming, Underrated Thai Town with Unique Tuk-Tuks

The province of Trang located directly south of Krabi is best known for its beautiful islands. The town of Trang, however, does not attract as many visitors, which is a shame, because this town is really underrated. With old Sino-Portuguese shophouses, street art, some excellent dim sum restaurants and coffee shops, Trang Town reminds me a bit of Phuket Town — both with a mix of cultural influences from Thailand and China. But what Trang Town is most famous for is its unique green tuk-tuks you won’t see elsewhere in Thailand. We stayed one night at a budget hotel situated next to the train station and the lovely weekend market before continuing southeast to Phatthalung.

Koh Kradan in Trang Archipelago

The Guardian called Trang Archipelago “the world’s best hidden beaches.” I don’t know if it’s hidden per se, but it has escaped the masses of tourists that Phuket and it’s neighboring province Krabi get.

The province of Trang boasts 46 islands and stunning scenery including limestone formations, waterfalls, and caves. One of the most popular islands is Koh Mook with the Emerald Cave (Morakot Cave) where visitors need to swim 80 meters through a pitch dark cave to reach a “secret beach.”

My wife and I discussed back and forth which island we should visit and eventually decided to go for Koh Kradan. You can easily hop between several islands in one day, but we wanted to chill out in one place — and we just loved Koh Kradan!