Thailand’s Elite Rangers Protecting the Siamese Rosewood Trees

I love when people care about nature and animals, and some mean business. Thailand’s Siamese Rosewood trees are one of the world’s most endangered trees, but a group of elite Rangers is trying to put a stop to the extinct. This red “blood wood” is used for luxury furniture in China, and for these guys, protecting the forest is a matter of life and death. Here’s an article by The Guardian about the “blood wood” war.

Say Yes to Certified and Responsibly Produced Palm Oil

My parents-in-law have an oil palm plantation. Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil on the planet and an important supply for millions of people. But it’s a sensitive issue, as tropical forests are cut and burned down in parts of Indonesia, to make way for new palm oil plantations, and in turn, destroys habitat for wildlife like orangutans.

A Day at My In-Laws Rubber Tree Plantation in Thailand

Thailand is the world’s largest producer and exporter of natural rubber, and
Southern Thailand is home to 70 percent of domestic output. My in-laws have a rubber tree plantation of 1,000 trees on 3 hectares, in Lam Thap, a district of Krabi Province, Southern Thailand.

They cut in the outer bark of the rubber tree, just deep enough to tap the vessels without harming the tree’s growth, and the milky-white latex is collected in small buckets. This process is called rubber tapping, and they have to do this in the middle of the night, around 2 a.m, so as to harvest as much latex as possible. The rubber trees are tapped six days a week.

Early one morning I visited my in-laws’ rubber tree plantation, and I recorded a short video. Sorry that the tree is out of focus. I had the camera on auto-focus.