Mae Sa Waterfall in Chiang Mai

We didn’t plan to visit Mae Sa Waterfall on our trip to Chiang Mai; we just happened to pass it on our way to Baan Tong Luang (Long-Neck village), so we decided to stop and take a look. It’s not one of those large spectacular waterfalls, but it’s still impressive spanning 1,500 meters over ten levels. Since this was not part of our plan we didn’t hike all the way up to level 10, but we did four, five levels, and it was a nice little walk. If you decide to come here, don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes as each waterfall forms a plunge pool.

Off Road Jeep, Hiking and Waterfalls at Na Muang Safari Park on Koh Samui


Na Muang Waterfalls are two different waterfalls located in the mountains of Koh Samui’s southern part. The two waterfalls are simply called Waterfall 1 and 2.

The pictures in this post are from the hike to Waterfall 2 which is more impressive than Waterfall 1 with its 80 meters high; however, Waterfall 2 is not exactly a wow experience either. But the hike through jungle mountains and across rope bridges was fun — and it’s quite a sight up here.

Make sure to bring a swimming suit and take a dip in the natural pools — just watch out for hidden rocks while swimming. Also, make sure you have shoes you can climb in as it can be slippery in some places. (I had flip-flops and almost got me killed a couple of times.)

Hot Springs in Krabi: Soaking in Nature’s Own Hot Tub

Hot Springs (Nam Tok Rawn in Thai) is a small waterfall with fresh spring water pouring down into a natural pool at a pleasant 40°C (104°F). The Hot Spring is located in the jungle of the Klong Thom district, around 70 km from Krabi Town. The water in the Hot Springs comes from thermal springs, originating deep underground in volcanic chambers, and contains mineral salts that are said to have positive health benefits. After a soak in the warm water, you can cool off in the river below, using the rope swing.

Locals enjoying the warm water.