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About us

   HCMS2019 Company Limited is a Third-Party Administrator of health insurance company and medical welfare benefits providing medical claims assessment and medical benefits administrative services.

•   We provide services for life and non-life insurance companies, as well as self-insured companies.

•   Our main service is to evaluate the necessity and worthiness of medical treatments to a policyholder or an employee by our expertise team, advanced technology and professional service team. The needs can be met in the most cost-effective way for you.

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Our Service

Claims management
Medical welfare benefits for employees

We are specialized in health, medical and accident insurance service. Providing Claim Management, Medical Welfare Benefits for Employees and Information Provider, our service is Best-In-Class of insurance provider industry.

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Address : 678/302 Pattanakarn 44, Patthanakan, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250

Tel : 02-0927575

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